How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable

How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable
How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable

How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable Seeking to lengthen your present Ethernet cable or wishing to bypass the utmost size restriction without sacrificing efficiency? You can be completely happy to know that there are several methods to make an Ethernet cable longer.

Most Size of an Ethernet Cable

The usual Ethernet cables use copper wiring to ship a knowledge sign from one finish to a different one. However the additional {an electrical} sign travels, the extra it degrades. Because of this, all Ethernet cables have the most size, past which you danger a subpar efficiency or full connection loss.

The utmost size is about 100 meters for nearly all classes of Ethernet cables, barring a couple of exceptions. For instance, the Class 6 (Cat-6) cables can solely maintain 10Gbps speeds for about 55 meters. They’ll nonetheless work as much as 100 meters, however, you’ll solely get 1Gbps speeds past the 55-meter mark. Equally, the Cat-8 cables have the most size of simply 30 meters.

However, you aren’t restricted by these size limits. You should utilize gadgets resembling a community swap and media converter to transcend the 100-meter size.

Community Switches: Powered and Dependable

How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable
How to Increase the Length of an Ethernet Cable 2

A community swap is likely one of the higher and extra dependable methods to hitch Ethernet cables or bypass the 100-meter size restriction. Whereas switches are primarily used to supply extra Ethernet connections in a community, you may also use them to increase the size of a cable as they regenerate the information sign.

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Shopper-grade community switches are quite simple to function. You simply plug the incoming Ethernet cable into a single port and the outgoing cable into one other. The one drawback is {that a} swap wants an influence supply, so you will want an influence outlet in the place you put it.

With every swap, you possibly can lengthen the size of an Ethernet cable as much as its most restrictive, which, as talked about, is 100 meters typically. So with only one swap, you possibly can have a 200-meter lengthy Ethernet connection. Nevertheless, you will need to be certain that the community swap has the identical knowledge switch velocity as your Ethernet cables.

Community Change

Netgear GS110MX

Netgear GS110MX is an unmanaged community swap that is nice for extending Cat-6 Ethernet cables past their 55-meter size for 10Gbps speeds.

Media Converters: Going the Distance

One other gadget you need to use to increase your Ethernet connection is a media converter. It sometimes has two ports—one for Ethernet cable and the one other for fiber optic cable. The gadget converts the Ethernet sign to a fiber sign on one finish and reverts the fiber sign to the Ethernet sign on the opposite.

An Ethernet over Fiber media converter could be very helpful in extending an Ethernet connection for lengthy distances. Multimode fiber cables have a variety of about 550 meters, and the single-mode fibers can go for a lot of miles.

Media Converter Fiber Media Converter

Ethernet Couplers: Finest for Small Initiatives

Whereas community switches and media converters are nice for bypassing the 100-meter restriction, an Ethernet coupler is all you want in case you are simply seeking to lengthen a brief cable. It’s one of many best methods to hitch two Ethernet cables and get a generally longer cable. As the identity suggests, an Ethernet coupler is an easy gadget with two feminine RJ45 connectors to plug one finish of every cable.

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Sadly, a coupler is just useful when the mixed size of each Ethernet cable is lower than 100 meters. You danger of degraded efficiency or whole connection loss should you transcend 100 meters.

Whereas you need to use multiple Ethernet couplers to hitch several quick Ethernet cables, it’s not a good suggestion. By rising the variety of couplers in an Ethernet connection, there’s a larger probability of failure or velocity loss.

One other essential element to recollect earlier than selecting an Ethernet coupler is the kind of cables you might be becoming a member of. It’s finest to mix Ethernet cables of identical classes. Moreover, if the cables are shielded, it is best to get a shielded coupler. In any other case, you’ll face efficiency points due to shielding loss.

Ethernet Coupler

Cable Matters Shielded In-Line Couplers

Everybody’s community necessities are completely different, and generally, you could end up operating an Ethernet connection over 100 meters. In such instances, will probably be a good suggestion to go for a community swap or a media converter to get a safe and dependable connection. Or, should you simply want to increase a comparatively quick cable, you possibly can all the time use an Ethernet coupler.