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How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app?

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Open the home screen settings page on your Samsung Galaxy phone and select “Hide apps” to conceal an Android app. To hide an app from your home screen, check each one here.

Do you want to keep certain apps on your device private? If so, hiding user-installed apps as well as stock apps on your Samsung Galaxy phone is simple. We’ll demonstrate how to accomplish that using a built-in function.

When an app is hidden, both your home screen and app drawer become empty of it. It will nevertheless remain visible in the Settings app on your phone.

On a Samsung Android phone, hide apps

Go to the home screen of your Galaxy phone to begin concealing apps. Tap and hold any empty spot there. When the menu appears, select “Settings.”

image 10

Scroll down to “Hide Apps” on the Settings page after it loads.

How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app? 4

A “Select Apps” screen will appear. Here, press the apps you want to hide to select them. Select what you want, then tap “Done.”

image 12
How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app? 5

The end of that. Your selected apps have been hidden.

You can later reveal your hidden apps by going to the same “Hide Apps” menu, selecting them, and clicking “Done.”

How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app? 6

Try locking an app on your Android device for more privacy when sharing your phone with others.

On an Android phone, how Do You Hide Apps?

There’s always one app on your phone that you’d prefer to hide, whether it’s a crucial banking app or that humiliating game you’re addicted to. We’ll walk you through five different methods for hiding Android apps before demonstrating how to install Avast One, a comprehensive security program with a built-in VPN, to keep all of your phone’s data private.

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5 techniques for Android phone app hiding

  1. On Android, use built-in options to hide apps
    Open the Settings app on various Android phones (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei), and look for the “Hide Apps” option. Android’s default settings for app hiding need should pop up immediately. On this page, we’ll demonstrate how to conceal Android apps on a Samsung Galaxy S21.

To hide apps, first select Hide apps from the Home screen menu in Settings. The apps you want to hide will move to the Hidden apps section when you tap them.

image 54
How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app? 7

Use applications that hide apps
For Android smartphones, you may also install app-hider software. The top app-hider applications have been reviewed and are readily available in Google Play. Some of the top Android app hiders are listed below:

Your Android phone’s home screen is replaced by Nova Launcher. You can also hide apps, sort them, and rearrange them to suit your needs.

app cloaking
You can hide apps on your Android and manage them from various accounts on your device thanks to the customizable App Hider. Even the app-hider icon looks like a calculator.

On your Android, Vault is designed to conceal apps, files, pictures, and videos. It offers both cloud backup and the option to password-protect apps.

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Lock and hide applications using a safe folder.
Samsung Apps, pictures, and other data can be safely hidden in Secure Folder, a hidden folder. Open Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder to enable Secure Folder first. Log into your Samsung account and adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen.

Open the Secure Folder icon on your Home screen, select Add apps, and then select Hide apps to add apps to Samsung’s Secure Folder.

To conceal apps, use a guest account or private mode.
The Guest Mode function on some Android phones enables you to share your device with another user. Samsung tablets allow you to set up a guest account, but Samsung phones do not have this option.

On a Samsung phone, tap Settings and select Accounts and backup to create a guest account. Select Guest and turn on Multiple Users.

The apps you want to keep hidden from the guest profile will remain hidden when you switch between users using the Quick Settings menu.

To hide programs, disable them
Android app permissions should allow you to disable an unnecessary system app in order to hide it if you are unable to remove it without rooting your phone (and rooting poses security risks). Additionally, it will prevent the app from utilizing too much background data.

How to disable Android apps is as follows:

On your home screen, tap and hold a system app. In the pop-up menu, choose Disable. The app will automatically be hidden and have its background usage limited.

How do you hide apps On a Samsung phone or an Android app? 8

On Android, how do I find hidden apps?
When you access Settings > Apps, all of your previously hidden or disabled Android apps are visible. Make sure to clean up your Android to get rid of unnecessary apps and look for any hidden apps you want to use again.

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Check out our guide to removing Android spyware if you see a suspicious app that might be monitoring your activity.

Be discreet with all of your mobile activity.
We developed Avast One because we believe that you should have control over what you do on your phone and who has access to your data. Your communications and data are kept private with the aid of privacy features included with Avast One, such as a VPN and tools for monitoring data breaches. You might even be able to avoid worrying about Android apps being hidden if you do it this way.

Start protecting your private information right away by downloading Avast One for free.


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If you wish to reduce the number of apps on your Home screen and Apps Tray but are unable to remove pre-installed programs, you might want to think about forcing the app to close or disable it. You may learn how to hide apps from your Apps Tray and then put them back by following the instructions below.

Check out our article on Using Secure Folder for step-by-step instructions if you want to set up Secure Folder to save crucial data and apps on your Galaxy phone.
1 To access more options, pinch the home screen.

2 Tap Settings on the Home screen.

3 Choose Hide applications.

To hide certain apps from your Home screen and Apps tray, simply tap on them. You can remove an application from your list of hidden apps by clicking the minus sign next to it.

5 Click Done to apply the modifications.

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