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How Can Warframe Players Get Neurodes?

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Obtaining neurons in Warframe may have you wondering how to cultivate them. You may use this guide to obtain the neurodes in Warfram.

How Can Warframe Players Get Neurodes?

Neurodes, a resource that is crucial to the game’s success, are used to create Orokin reactors, Forma, numerous decorative helmets, and the most recent Zephyr Prime systems. Therefore, it is probable that you will find it difficult to obtain Neurodes in Warframe if you are a newbie.

With this guide, we have helped you with this work. We have covered every single aspect of Neurodes in Warframe in this tutorial. So, be sure to finish reading it if you want to add this material to your collection.

What in Warframe are Neurodes?

This resource is used to create a range of practical goods, such as Forma, cosmetics, the newest Zephyr Prime Systems, and Orokin Reactors. This component can be found on Eria, Lua, Earth, and Deimos. As an alternative, you can purchase them on the market for 10 Platinum.

They can only be permanently crafted for 100 platinum. Neurodes are relatively easy to obtain, even just by wandering around and completing missions. These are merely beginner traps.

What Blueprints Call For Neurodes?

How Can Warframe Players Get Neurodes? 3

Warframe contains fewer plans that need Neurodes than other video games. The good news is that you require them to advance in the game and gain rank:

  • Hind: 6
  • Chroma Chassis: 2
  • Exodia Epidemic: 5 (+45)
  • Chroma Prime Neuroptics: 4
  • Mirage Prime Neuroptics: 5
  • Exodia Contagion: 5 (+45)
  • Amesha Wings: 5
  • Hek: 5

What Warframes & Weapons Work Best for Farming Neurodes?

To farm neurodes, Desecrate Nekros, Tigris Prime, Slash pistol, and Atterax would be a great setup. These slash weapons work with Nekros Desecrate, which causes twice as much loot to drop at once.

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Neuroleptic Masses in Lua, on the Plain of Eidolon, and on Earth discharge Neurodes. On Eris Survival and Defense and Orokin Derelict Survival, there is a good chance of discovering Neurodes.

Where Can Neurodes Be Farm? Top Locations & Missions

image 2
How Can Warframe Players Get Neurodes? 4

The most effective way to harvest neurodes is with Plato (Lua), which ensures that Sentients will spawn in a matter of minutes. The sentients may be difficult for you to handle if you don’t have many friends. The Lephantis assassin node on Deimos can be used to obtain one or more Neurodes.

If you are a new Warframe player, think about Earth search missions. Neurodes in this context refers to a resource container. Instead of waiting for enemies to drop Neurodes here, it is preferable to locate the containers and take them.

After completing the Second Dream quest, Sentient fighters frequently drop Neurodes. Even Dark Sector missions, which award you a neurode every 20 minutes, do not provide many.

Plato – Lua, Room #1
Plato requires a solid loadout and, ideally, a full team of pretty well-leveled individuals who have only recently joined the game to complete. Although neurodes can occasionally be difficult to locate, farming them through Sentinel enemies ensures that you will find the resource, which is not always true of other components.

For this mission, it is strongly advised that players use one of Warframe’s top sniper rifles because the enemies range in level from 25 to 40. Lua is useful for farming Ampules of Detonite and Rubedo in addition to Ferrite and Rubedo.

2. Terrorem – Deimos:

Terrorism exploits the abandoned tiles from Orokin in a Survival assignment. Players shouldn’t start this mission with a completely weak loadout because Deimos’ enemies range in level from 12 to 35; however, they can level up with one or two of their loadout’s weapons.

The best mission for gathering Neurodes and Deimos is available to players within the first few minutes of gaining access to Mars. Deimos missions like Terrorem may therefore need to be used until players advance further in the Star Chart.

3. Magnacidium – Deimos:

Each time a player completes the Assassination assignment on Deimos, they should anticipate getting at least one Neurode. Killing Lephantis is not too tough if players have gained some experience in the game, making it one of the finest options.

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Players should have a respectable-ranked Frame and a potent weapon to deal with adversaries in the level 12 to 35 range in order to make fighting the Boss simple. If you begin the mission as a member of the Public squad, you will find that handling the battle is significantly simpler.

4. Mutalist Alad V Infested – Eris:

The Mutualist Alad V Infested Assassination mission uses the Infested Ship tile set. Players must have a full party of Warframes and some of the top Warframes in the game to be successful at farming neurodes through this quest.

Alad V and his Mutalist counterpart aren’t particularly challenging antagonists, but early and midgame players who haven’t set up their mods correctly may still run into issues with them.

5. Tycho – Lua:

On Lua, a Survival assignment with level 25–30 adversaries, players can farm Neurodes while earning respectable amounts of XP. If a player plans to play Tycho, it is advised that they equip their loadouts with a respectable weapon and a late-rank Warframe. Players can gain an advantage in close-quarters battles and rapid experience points by using a good shotgun.

6. Mariana – Earth:

No matter the player’s level, it is a good idea to farm Neurodes all around the world of Earth, according to Mariana. However, because Mariana is one of the game’s first few missions and has a fairly tiny tile size, it can be quickly run through and checked for Neurodes.

The villains are only level 1-3, so players can swiftly complete Mariana as an Extermination mission without encountering any difficulty or time-wasting issues. Additionally, Warframe’s replayability is enhanced by the best live-service games’ ability to make farming seem like fun rather than a chore.

7. Tikal – Earth:

This Dark Sector Excavation task, which uses the Grineer Forest tileset, is appropriate for all players save those who are just starting the game. Players can hunt for Neuroptic Masses and slay foes to farm additional Neurodes by completing excavation assignments. Players should generally be able to bring a loadout that includes both unranked and their preferred melee weapons.

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1. Orokin Derelict Assassinate:

This is a more advanced technique that necessitates a boss battle and is not suitable for beginners. If that’s not a concern for you, this abandoned mission will be a welcome change of pace. You may obtain three or four neurodes in a run because the multiple-headed boss’s heads each have the ability to drop a neurode.

You must craft Derelict Assassination keys using the Lephantis Nav coordinates you have learned from previous Derelict missions in order to finish this mission.

2. Tycho Survival Mission:

The Oculysts spawn around every minute or so and are called by the Conculysts and Battalysts when they scan, according to Tycho Survival Mission #2. As the mission progresses, your odds of success will rise. When you kill one of these, you can acquire a neurode.

Occulysts and sentients can develop immunity to the type of damage you do, making it challenging to kill them. As a result, you should select frame types that resemble tanks and mix up your builds.

However, if you play the Tycho Survival Mission for about 20 minutes, using a resource booster can raise your chances of obtaining Neurodes by about ten.

Some Important Pointers For Farming Neurodes in Warframe

Orkin and Derelict might not be available, but Neurodes are a need for novices. If you visit Earth and hunt around for Neuroptic Masses, you can break them open using an AOE damage-dealing frame such as Ember.

The Neurodes can then be taken by your buddy. Opening containers and looking for Masses is preferable to waiting for foes to drop the resource.

Many players disagree with the claim that Orokin Derelict Defense and Survival are among the most effective ways to farm neurodes. With an Orokin Nekros, you only get one neurode every 30 waves. There are numerous challenges in this mission.


Neurodes are a rare component that can be found on Earth, Deimos, Eris, and Lua. Since they are based on opinions, it’s likely that they aren’t entirely correct. In order to obtain Neurodes in Warframe, you can try the methods we have already covered in this guide. Please let us know if they are successful.

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