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FUJIVISION 561S flash dump file or the flash file is a boot information data with satellite receiver software/program stored in EEPROM, Flash IC, or Memory IC of the FUJIVISION 561S receiver.
When it is powered up, the main processor/microcontroller retrieves information from memory to determine how to work/boot.
If the FUJIVISION 561S receiver’s Flash IC or Memory IC is broken for any reason, or its software/firmware malfunctions for any reason, the main controller will not receive any boot/basic information, and the satellite receiver will not switch on.
In this case, we’ll need to reprogram the Fujitsu 561S receiver’s flash ic with the corresponding hardware flash dump file to restore it back to normal.
Manufacturer: Fujivision
Box Model: 561S
Main Board: DVB3329E+A5+AT25DF161
main controller, or chipset:
Software Version:
Box Type: Digital Full HD
Flash Type: SPI SOP8/SOIC8
Flash Memory: GD25Q32B
Flash Size: 4 Mb
Software Type: Backup Dump
Download File Format: ZIP
Download Type: Free

Flash dump Download

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