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flash dump Receiver MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S

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The MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S flash dump file, also known as the flash file, is a satellite receiver’s software/program boot information data that is stored in the MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S receiver’s EEPROM, Flash IC, or Memory IC. When the device is powered on, the main processor or microcontroller pulls the data from memory to learn how to operate or boot.

The MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S receiver won’t switch on if the Flash IC or Memory IC is broken for any reason, or if the software or firmware malfunctions for any reason. As a result, the Main controller won’t get any boot or basic information.

To restore the MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S receiver to working order in this case, we must reprogram the flash ic with the corresponding hardware flash dump file. For user and technician support, a flash dump file for the MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S is made available.

Details and Information about MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S:

  • Manufacturer: MP3-MP4 AV
  • Box Model: CARD GX6605S
  • Main Board:
  • Main Controller or Chipset:
  • Software Version:
  • Box Type: Digital Full HD
  • Flash Type: SPI SOP8/SOIC8
  • Flash Memory: GD25Q32B
  • Flash Size: 4 Mb
  • Software Type: Backup Dump
  • Download File Format: ZIP
  • Download Type: Free

Particular Note:

A backup dump flash file of the MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S receiver software is provided. This file can be loaded by a programmer or with a loader tool in a dead receiver, or it can be upgraded or downgraded in a working receiver using either the STB Upgrade Tool or the USB Upgrade method. Flash Dump Files Team disclaims all liability for any loss or damage resulting from the uploading or downloading of the software.

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MP3-MP4 AV CARD GX6605S dump file free download.

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