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Download Firmware Software TP.MS358.PB801

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Download Firmware Software TP.MS358.PB801

Firmware Free Download of TP.MS358.PB801 Software: The TP.MS358.PB801 is a high-speed smart LED TV board running Android 4.4. In this post, I will provide you with free TP.MS358.PB801 firmware and software. If you want to get this firmware for free, this is the place to go. Many people look for tp.ms358.pb801 firmware on the internet every day, but I would advise you to use tested firmware files for your led television. As a result, we offer all of the tested and USB-ready firmware and software files for free.


This is’s homepage. All varieties of Smart/Non-smart Universal/Chinese/Brands LCD/LED TV firmware/software files are available for free download. Here you can find everything that has been thoroughly tested. We provide a wide range of firmware, as well as COF IC datasheets, EMMC pinouts, EMMC software, LCD/LED TV schematic diagrams, and much more. You may look around here. All you have to do is do a search on our site to find all you need to know about LCD or LED TVs.


How to Install Firmware TP.MS358.PB801

If you’ve obtained the TP.MS358.PB801 software files and wish to update them on your LED TV board, you’ll need to follow the procedures below to correctly install or upgrade firmware without causing any harm. First, make sure the firmware matches your LED TV board and screen panel, and then install it. If you install the incorrect firmware, you will suffer a loss. Use these firmware/software files at your own risk; we will not be held liable in the event of any harm.

1-Download the firmware and extract it to get a bin file.


2-After that, copy the firmware (BIN) file to the empty USB Disk.


3-Now, your USB disk is ready to connect it with the mainboard.


4-Power on the TV, plug USB into the board and wait


5-After some seconds, it will be updated automatically. You have to remove the USB.

FirmwareDownload LinkTP.MS358.PB801-1366×768-4G-512M Download

TP.MS358.PB801-19201080-4G-512M Download





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