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Download an application that runs the Windows operating system

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Hurry up to download the first real application that runs the Windows operating system and its programs on Android phones (not found in the Play Store)

Many users want to try the Windows operating system as well as its programs on other operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Android, so they resort to some emulators to do this. However, most of the emulators do not provide high performance, but there is a program called Wine.

which is an open program. The source for running Windows programs on other operating systems, where the program allows you to run Windows programs on devices running Linux, Mac, and Android operating systems.

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Download an application that runs the Windows operating system

As for the Mac and Linux operating systems, there are many emulators to run the Windows system on them, but for Android, say you do not find applications that do this, so I wanted to share with you this application to try it on your Android phones in particular and run Windows programs on it, as this application and after The third version can run Windows programs on the Android system.

When you run the application, it automatically appears on the Windows screen with the start menu and support for both sound and graphics, but the problem is thatThe application, after trying it on a group of phones, only worked on some of them and only showed up in others.

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For example, the application worked normally with the OnePlus 5T phone and showed errors when trying it with the Galaxy Tab S and it froze with the 2016 Pixel phone, and it could not The application runs games and programs that require high-resolution graphics because the application does not support Direct3D but it will support it in the future.

To try the application on your phone, I advise you to download it as an app file from its official website, knowing that it contains an x86 version and an ARM version, so you must download the version that works with your phone, otherwise, the application will not work and you will also find copies for Linux and Mac operating systems in the same site.

Application download link for Android:wine-builds
Application download link for other systems:wine-builds
Video of how an application works

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