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The first Islamic country in India

The first Islamic country in India The Abbasid Caliph Qadir Allah recognized the Ghaznavid state, as well as Sultan Mahmud, and made him his successor. In the fourth century AH, an Islamic state was established in the countries

New macOS Monterey Release Now Available

New macOS Monterey Release Now AvailableApple has released a new operating system, macOS Monterey, which is now available to the public. The new OS includes a host of new features and improvements, including Universal Control, which allows

Why don’t they care about my

Why don't they care about myWhen you're constantly putting yourself out there, it's easy to feel like nobody cares. You post a new picture on Instagram and only get a few likes, so you start to wonder: why don't they care about me? It's

Get Apple TV on Your Chromecast Now

Get Apple TV on Your Chromecast NowIf you're like many people, you might think that Chromecast and Apple TV don't play nice together. But that's not the case! You can actually use your Chromecast to watch shows and movies from Apple TV.

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